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Craig Williams said his and his wife Larysa’s constant dealings with the war in Ukraine has given him a greater perspective on life and helped him shrug off the disappointment of losing the ride on sprint star Giga Kick.

It took Williams just one race at Flemington on Saturday to put the previous evening’s news of his dumping from Giga Kick behind him, when he turned in a well-timed run on Our Last Cash to win narrowly.

Giga Kick is no ordinary ride to lose, as he’s one of the favourites to win the $7 million first prize in next month’s Everest of which a jockey’s 5 per cent reward totals a neat $350,000.

“Everyone is dealing with something, as it turned out it is a horse race,” Williams said after his first race win.

“It’s my job and I love to do it and I love the horse. Jonathon (Munz, Giga Kick’s owner) has chosen to replace me and that is his prerogative.

“My team and my support around me and the stuff we do humanitarian-wise gives you greater perspective on life.

“As much as I love it and breathe it and sleep it and dream about it and love my racing, I’ve got a really good perspective on life over the past 18 months.

“I can’t ride the horse and it’s disappointing, but I wish the horse all the best. I think he’s a superstar, so good luck with him going forward.”

Williams said he was pleased to also be able to ride the winner of the race named after the former chief steward Robert Cram.

“Also, it’s an honour to win the race named after Robert Cram. When I was an apprentice and was 58kgs or 60kgs, I needed people to support me and give me an opportunity and educate me 30 years ago and he was master of apprentices then.”

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