As Craig and Larysa continue their humanitarian project in Ukraine, they start their 2023 mission at the Museum of the History of the City of Kyiv. Craig and Larysa Williams were honoured with the  “St. Sophia’s Cathedral” stamp.
Peter Brazil provided Larysa and Craig with his father’s (John) stamp “St. Sophia’s Cathedral”, which he collected during World War 2, as a symbol of the Ukrainian people and their fight for freedom and independence.
– “St. Sophia’s Cathedral” by Svyatoslav Gordynskyi
Williams expressed his gratitude for this distinction, thanking both the original collector, John Brazil and his son Peter.
Williams said “We are extremely grateful to John and Peter Brazil for this gift and for supporting our humanitarian project in Ukraine.”
“Last week, honored guests from a distant continent, a country that sincerely and loyally supports Ukraine, visited the Museum and Exhibition Center. The famous Australian jockey Craig Williams – Jockey and Larysa Malovana-Williams visited Ukraine with an extremely symbolic mission — to return a piece of history.
At the request of the collector John Brazil, the stamp “St. Sophia’s Cathedral” by Svyatoslav Gordynskyi was transferred to the funds of the Museum of the History of the City of Kyiv. This stamp was printed in Prague by the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists during May-June 1941.
82 years later, this valuable fragment of our history arrived in Kyiv. The image of one of the oldest symbols of the Ukrainian capital made by master Hordynskyi is a memorable artifact about the struggle of the Ukrainian people for independence, which today will serve as a source of inspiration and faith.
We are extremely grateful to John Brazil for this gift, to Craig Williams and Larisa Malovania-Williams for their time and attention to the work of the team of the Museum of History of the City of Kyiv.”

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