Preparation for major racedays and the Spring Racing Carnival comprises of many components. Not only are form, watching replays, speed maps and walking tracks a huge part of my build up leading into race meetings, looking after my body is also a very high priority for me as an athlete. Steven Bremner is a highly skilled sports specialist who maintains my body using the Rolfing technique.

Rolfing is an original and scientifically validated system of body restructuring and movement education. It releases the body segments – legs, torso, arms, etc-from life-long patterns of tension and bracing and permits gravity to realign them, by doing so, it balances the body.

Of all the forces affecting the human body, gravity is among the most powerful. Body misalignment in gravity results in chronic strain, lowered vitality and impaired biological and psychological functioning. Because the body is better balanced after Rolfing, it expends less of its vital energies against gravity. This biological energy-efficiency is often experienced as a higher level of alertness and vitality. 

Photograph of Steven at work on me this week (right):

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