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“We were truly saddened by the news of Stefan Romaniw passing.
He was a revered son of Ukraine and First Vice President of the Ukrainian World Congress – Свiтовий Конґрес Українців (UWC), Stefan was an esteemed member of the UWC Executive Committee, a dedicated community leader in Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations, former Chairman of the OUN-B leadership, former Chairman and member of the Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM), a true patriot of Ukraine, a faithful husband, father, grandfather, and a cherished friend to Ukrainians worldwide.
His unwavering support for Ukraine and his tireless efforts to make a difference in the country will always be remembered. He was a great supporter of our Ukraine project, dedicating his time to making a significant impact for all Ukrainians. He understood the landscape of the conflict from both on the ground and in the political scene. He was a great advisor to the people of Ukraine and to those who were displaced. Stefan’s contributions have left a lasting legacy in the Ukrainian community. His presence will be deeply missed, but his impact on Ukraine will continue to inspire many to strive for positive change. 🙏
For more information on Stefan Romaniw go to this link – UkrainianWorldCongress

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